Team - VMAT-2

Dear VMAT team.  A number of months ago I was advised by ATT that they would no longer offer their
VDS (virtual dedicated server) services.  That was the platform on which both the VMAT2 web site and
the forum site were located.  These services are due to terminate at the end of October.
On 30 September, I transitioned all of the websites that I manage over to a new server.  While moving
web pages is relatively easy, the forum involves data buried deep within a MYSQL database.  Moving
this information is NOT trivial and requires reinstalling a lot of software. Therefore, I have elected to shut
 down this forum site.  I want to assure you that this move in no way reflects the recent news of the
future of the VMAT program, but rather the timing of the termination of service by ATT.

Please report your availability to Susie directly.

Respectfully yours,   Kathleen Becker